Food Artists Wanted.

Food Artists Wanted.

As Spring brings us one season closer to summer, we are excited to announce we will be bringing the sunshine to West Chester | Summer 2018. Served chilled, our food and drink pairings are fresh from beaches of South Beach, Florida. Stay tuned for updates + promotions.

We are looking for team members to help us craft our products. If you are local to the area and considering being part of our movement to bring healthy eating to town centre, please visit our Contact page to apply.


Organic & Fresh Ingredients

Calling those who have experience in food, hospitality or anyone looking to improve the lives of others thru plant-food holistic food service.

Competitive pay and growth options available.

Live your truest self.  Help join our efforts to heal with food!

We will be posting updates on our webpage as soon.

Have a suggestion, please reach out.  We always want to know how we can help the community.  If you are vegan and gluten-free and have a favorite menu item you’d like to see on our menu, we will always accept suggestions with loving and open arms.

Peace & Love,
-The Liquid Eatery

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