True Food

What We Make. Is What Makes Us

OUR APPROACH : In addition to crafting each of our unique menu items from only health conscious ingredients, we have crafted a menu of eats that pair perfectly with a blended drink or bowl | Our full menu is served all day long.

We offer a broad selection of chips, dips and side items. Great on their own, and as a snack to compliment a smoothie or shake | It is by no means fast-food, but is instead, health-food made fast.

Smoothies & Milkshakes

Straws & Spoons

7 FOR 7 : An extensive variety of 7 healthy options, each only $7.  We blend every smoothie + shake to be nutrient dense and surprisingly filling.

PLANT POWER! : The blended drinks were serve are each certified Vegan + Gluten-Free!  All of our shakes are balanced, dairy-free + delicious!

Hand-Rolled Ice Cream & Parfaits

Bowls & Oats

BEACH TO BOWL : You’ve heard of Farm-to-Table, well there’s a new standard – Beach-to-Bowl.  Whether it be on a plate, in a bowl or served in a glass, our menu is filled with hand-pick flavors inspired by the organic food & drink pairings of Miami Beach, FL.  Our unique recipes feature a full variety of tropical ingredients.

We bring the beaches of Miami right to your bowl. We’ve reinvented the ever popular Açaí blended bowl with our unique recipes.  We take this idea one step further with our ‘frozen cereals’.  A dessert style bowl that can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night.  Try one for yourself to see what makes this dish (or in this case, bowl) so deliciously nutritious.

Brews & Floats

Liquids & Grinds



With all of the world’s ailments, dietary restrictions and learned lifestyle choices. we have taken it upon ourselves to combine & to perfect new methods of food creation so that they can be made quickly, served beautifully, and enjoyed repeatedly.  As such each ingredient we source & each item we serve is, and will ALWAYS meet the following dietary needs or requirements :
Vegan + Gluten Free + Dairy Free + Non-GMO + Organic