Liquid Art: Organic Plant-Fueled Smoothies

Liquid Art: Organic Plant-Fueled Smoothies

Our smoothies and milkshakes defy convention.  To start, each ingredient that we use is carefully selected by our team of holistic food lovers.   We guarantee that it must first be Organic, and we take the time to understand the ingredients themselves on nutritional level, instead of loading our drinks with flavored sugars until they taste like the very fruits that we have sourced.  The key to what make our approach so different from the traditional means of food production is that we have sourced some otherwise uncommon, or altoghter unknown superfoods and blend together with our vegan pastries and holistic foods.

The Liquid Eatery is a taste of summer all year round, and our seasonal menu reflects this ideology.  Our smoothies and milkshakes are always served without the use of dairy products, processed sugar & are certified Organic.

Liquid Creativity

Straight from the beaches of Miami, we have brought the flavor while still showing our love for mother nature.  Its the best of both worlds!

Organic & Fresh Ingredients

The best way to live is to live in harmony with the earth.

Healthy foods prepared with an artistic flare. -The Liquid Eatery

A new-age restaurant, smoothie bar & art coffee cafe located in town centre, West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our artists craft nutritional food and drink pairings to fuel your mind, body and soul.

-The Liquid Eatery

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